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Carrefour Médical specializes in the study, advice and supply of medical equipment, materials and consumables. Its capital in human resources, through its sales and technical teams and above all a well-equipped, efficient and constantly updated after-sales service, enables Carrefour Médical to respond effectively to the expectations of its partners and customers.

AchievementsCarrefour Médical

After Sales Service

One of Carrefour Médical’s main strengths is its After-Sales Service.

The sensitivity of the medical sector, and particularly that of oxygen, means that Carrefour Médical attaches great importance to its after-sales service and includes its action in training and maintenance in order to respond effectively to the needs of its customers. This is how an after-sales CARAVAN, headed by the General Manager, visits the various facilities without failing to make recommendations for the sustainability of investments.

Au-delà de la maintenance préventive et curative, le SAV de Carrefour Médical se dote constamment d’outils et d’équipements innovants comme par exemple le « Shelter » : centrale d’oxygène médical mobile capable de pallier aux insuffisances ou aux dysfonctionnements et d’assurer un approvisionnement correct et continu en oxygène en cas de maintenance.


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