Welcome to the COSEMAD website

Dear customers and partners,
After more than a decade of existence, the COSEMAD Group, in its various fields of activity, is now one of the most important players in the Senegalese economy. The Group’s vision combined with the competence of the teams, as well as a daring innovation and investment policy, have led to strong growth in our market share. We work to offer Communities and Businesses the best products and services in partnership with world-renowned brands, leaders in their respective markets.
True to the spirit that has driven us during our first decade of existence, our priorities, objectives and challenges for the short and medium term are as follows:
• Improve the quality label in order to comply with international standards;
• Continue expansion in the sub-region (Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, etc.) with the ambition to cover all of West Africa;
• Initiate, particularly in industry, innovative projects at affordable costs for the benefit of populations, with a significant impact on their daily lives;
• Continue to rely on high-level, competent, qualified and regularly upgraded human resources.

Yours sincerely.


CEO & Founder of the Cosemad Group